Regions of Diversity: Colombia

Coffees from different regions have distinct taste profiles that are highlighted by the craftsmanship of the roaster. Coffees from Africa for example vary drastically. While Kenyan coffees are renowned for their bright complex berry notes, Tanzanian coffees express a diversity of fruit flavours with sweet acidity. Hence, regions allow cultivators to create unique coffees that vary from one area to another.

Since coffee grows in all of the regions of the "coffee belt" along the equator, this variation considerably enriches the delicious complexity of these areas. Places like Indonesia, South China, and even Taiwan have developed subtle floral notes of spices and tropical fruits. The more robust coffees of Papua New Guinea have the sweet qualities of cocoa butter, while the country typically exports AA rated coffee beans, bigger in size and with higher cupping scores.

Yemen has been producing coffee for longer than any other region in the world. Relatively rare, with a demand that is only increasing, coffee production in Yemen remains nonetheless remarkably artisanal. For centuries, its coffee has been blended into smoother cultivars, also known for their juicier and fermented notes. Finally, Yemen's terraced farms on its impressive mountains offer quite a panorama.