San Pedro Microlot ⋅ Guatemala ⋅ Luis Pedro Zelaya

*** We'll be donating all profits of the first month of sales of this coffee to the Guatemalan Red Cross and other organizations that are responding to the current volcano eruption and its aftermath. ***


The drive to Huehuetenango (colloquially pronounced WAY-WAY) is nothing short of an adventure. The region in the Western highlands of Guatemala, just south of Mexico, is famous for the quality coffee it produces. High elevations, abundant shade and moisture, and rich soil all work together to give Huehue coffees the buttery mouthfeel and bright fruity notes for which they are known and loved.

Add to this Luis Pedro Zelaya, a fourth generation producer and one of the most respected growers in Guatemala, and you’ve got yourself a killer coffee. This one blew us away at the cupping table, both at Luis Pedro’s farm and again at our own barn. Sweet, clean, and fruity, with notes of papaya and dark chocolate, it’s Huehue done the right way.

Huehuetenango, San Pedro Necta
Louis Pedro Zelaya and local smallholders. 
Altitude 1600 - 1950 m Cultivar Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Catuaí
Process Fully-washed Tasting Notes
Dark chocolate, Meyer Lemon, Papaya